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I'm not necessarily a good writer.  I am however very passionate about ensuring that my my online boutique is one of the most unique womens clothing online stores.  I see alot of business owners opening online boutiques and I wonder if I will be just as successful as they are. How do you even compete?  There are alot of clothing stores that we are competing with.  As a minority small business owner, I see alot of other boutiques near me that open and close within 6 months.  How do we even compete with these top brands?  I think to myself, that cant be us!  We have to make it! 

We were able to launch our online womens boutique successfully.  We have generated quite a bit of revenue since opening. I don't want to feed you all these success quotes but bottom line is failure is not an option!  I just wanted to spend some time and create a blog that shows my passion for this boutique and the plans that I have in play.

Feel free to shout us out on instagram and facebook!  @herglamlocker 

Talk to you soon. :)